Payer Research – Oncology Early Access Programme


Our clients were launching a number of oncology products in their portfolio. To this end, their objective was to understand the strategic value of Early Access Programmes (EAPs), plus the complexities involved in putting them in place and administering them.


The first phase of the project was research based, to identify whether EAPs existed in each of the key target markets, and for what products they had been implemented. The second phase involved a number of interviews with KOLs and Payers, to understand the impact that EAPs had on early adoption, access, HTA submissions and price negotiation. The final phase involved interviews with a leading commercial organisation that focussed on the implementation of EAPs to define the full implementation process.


The project delivered a clear understanding of the value of EAPs in the launch of an oncology product specifically, including examples of products that had successfully leveraged such programmes to ease access and negotiations. Benefits of such programmes include: early adoption, creating advocates for the brand, high price benchmarks in some markets, and early access for patients. The client was provided with a step-by-step process for how to implement an EAP in the target markets, and the pros and cons of doing so in each.
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