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An expert team delivering projects to define market access and pricing strategies.

How We Can Help You

We have experience in developing payer networks, managing payer panels, payer and KOL advisory boards, workshops, conducting interviews and tailored, in-depth research. We help clients to define market access and pricing strategies to positively impact patients and the bottom line. All deliverables can be translated into real strategies that can be implemented in line with your commercial objectives. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Access to our Network of Senior Experts

Natalie Shalet, our company director, has over 20 years’ experience working alongside the pharmaceutical industry in strategic pricing and market access, business development, finance and clinical trial management. She has robust knowledge of healthcare systems, in Europe and the Nordic markets particularly, along with a network of stakeholders and associates providing rapid access to the latest information on healthcare systems in other markets. You gain their expertise without the overheads. Natalie’s academic background is in science, with a specialisation in oncology. However she enjoys working in all therapy areas and has a particular interest in rare diseases. She is a native French speaker and regularly delivers projects in French. She has an extensive network of associates in France. In this market she usually works in French and delivers in English, which is perfect for global or regional teams.

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Pricing and market access support to help you achieve your targets.

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At NAS Healthcare, customer satisfaction is our number one goal