Payer Research – Case Study on Market Access for Epilepsy Medical Device


The client had had its medical device for continuous Electroencephalography (EEG) monitoring in Epilepsy CE marked. It was ready to provide ongoing data on brain activity and seizures to medical professionals. To this end, the client wanted to understand the possible pathways to access and reimbursement in the UK and France.


We worked with the client to draw up a product profile and outline the value story. We then proposed and carried out a series of expert interviews, taking feedback from four in each country. We took into account the different assessment pathways for medical devices in the UK and France. Input was sought from clinical experts in each market, regarding:
  • The product profile and value story.
  • The challenge of objective seizure counting with current methods, plus the impact on patient management and costs.
  • Potential clinical uses for the EEG device, including therapy areas and settings where it would be fitted.
  • How the device might change the existing management of disease and what the predicted outcomes, if any, might be.
The product profile was then presented to Payers as a basis for discussion. These interviews set out to clarify the unmet needs, routes to access, key stakeholders, and evidence requirements to support successful market access.


The information gained was used by the client to identify any gaps in evidence and further research required to identify the most appropriate route for access.
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